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Last update was August 17, 1996.


To get to know me a bit better, check out these pages.

- My (slightly out-of-date) resume

- The statistics and news I've put together from the Richmond Bethel Men's Breakfast meetings.

- The diary of 1995's summer vacation to Turkey.

- The home page of the company my partner Don and I started,

- The page describing our all-new product, the

- Descriptions of the courses we teach. -----

To help me get to my favorite WWW pages in a hurry, I've listed them below. Feel free to explore!

Technical Pages

- A very useful page of RGB color combinations

- The Spatial Archive and Interchange Format home page. Safe Software has built many data translators and utilities for this geographic data format.

- A Linux home page . We've been running Linux for 18 months now on a number of machines, and frankly, its more solid and zippy than any other OS we've dealt with...

- One good Windows 95 Page and the Page of Windows 95 Pages . You have to put bread on the table, so all our software runs on both Windows 95 and Windows NT.

- The C++ Home Page. The vast majority of our software is written in C++, using object-oriented analysis and design techniques. If the 32 bit Delphi turns out to be half decent, though, we could be doing alot of our Windows UI in Pascal!

- TCL Applications and Information. We use TCL and TK exclusively to produce X-Windows/Motif compliant for our products.

- The Perl Manual. Never used it, but hey, it sounds cool.

- GIS Information Sources

- A Unix Reference Site


Just for fun

- List of X-MDAers Email Addresses

- The Canada-Wide Phone Book

- A Most Cool Image/Text Creation Place

- The home page I put together for my friend Sam Rowland.

- The CBC News

- Movie title searches

- The latest Voyager Episode

- The Expo Ticket Office